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 What Are Essential Oils?


Origo Essentials offers natural products using essential oils, aimed at assisting health imbalances. They may be used by therapists or by those who want to personally take care of their health supported by natural supplements.


What are essential oils?


They are compounds extracted from plants (directly from the bark, flower, fruit, leaf, seed or root of a plant or tree) in order to isolate or enhance their healing properties. Essential Oils are very stables and it makes easier their conservation and availability.


How do they act in the body?


They act on three levels: Sensory level (through smell) bringing direct and immediate information to the endocrine system. At a Physical level (absorption through the skin) circulating and keeping the compounds throughout our body. And at the Energy level, leaving information through its vibrational frequency, modifying physical reactions and/or mental patterns. The E. Oils help to activate detoxification processes, reinforce defenses against microorganisms, stimulate the growth and regeneration of cells, they are a good support in disarticulating negative mental patterns.


How to treat health imbalances with essential oils?


Origo Essentials has made combinations to assist the most frequent symptoms in our area. We can also work on customized combinations. In this case, it could be convenient to consult with one of our associated therapists, or request information through our website.

All formulas have the same way of application. Put several drops on the palms of the hand and rub to warm and activate the oils, inhale several times and the rest of the oil will be applied directly to the skin as indicated.

It is important to remember that when you have a disease is important to consult a doctor, even if you are interested in alternative therapies.


About the formulas:


Due to its high concentration, Essential Oils should not be applied to the skin without being dissolved in base oils. Origo Essentials prepares these mixtures by adding Fractionated Coconut Oil, which is odorless and has good absorption through the skin, carrying essential oils diluted in it. The mixture is in equal parts (50% of EO and 50% Base) which still maintains high concentration, therefore, it is necessary to be careful and responsible in the application and keep it away from sensitive areas such as eyes, mouth or other mucous membranes.


Are there clinical studies on essential oils?


Many. Although they are not widely disclosed. The clinical studies broaden and validate the application of Essential Oils. The knowledge about the healing properties of plants is ancestral, in some way we have left it in the background, however, they are a good way to balance health before an imbalance turns into a disease.

On our website, there are references to some clinical studies that have been carried out. These increase the credibility and disposition towards the E. Oils and its beneficial effects.


Are you ready for Essential Oils?


The work of the body with the essential oils includes acceptance, self-discipline, and commitment. A closed and skeptical attitude will limit its action and results. Since they do not attend the effects but the cause of health imbalances, the correction time can take only minutes or up to several weeks of daily application, this will depend on how deep the cause and the time have been neglected. Fortunately, it's never too late for a start, and the application of oils is beneficial in every way; and it is widely enjoyed by the aroma and the effects on the skin. The highly comforting part is that once the origin of the symptom is treated, our body and mind learn to handle it and rarely the symptom reappears. Then we can say that in terms of health we have matured.