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The Products.


Origo Essentials offers an alternative to treat health unbalances with a natural and holistic approach with nice and easy to use herbal supplements that will help the body dealing with stress and toxins.

Essential Oils are extracts of herbs and they have all the healing properties. They can increase local circulation, stimulate the body’s defense against germs, open nasal passages, helps to eliminate phlegm and mucus. They also do especially well improving neuronal connections and easy up anxiety, insomnia, tension headaches, etc.



Acne-360 (Facial Cream)

Eliminate causes of acne at a cellular level with no lab created chemicals and no side effects,

incorporating nutrients that fight germs, increase circulation and eliminate toxins while hydrating

and soothing the skin. Help to heal the old acne marks. Aloe Vera, Bergamot, Rosewood and Sandalwood.


Petals Cream (Anti Aging)

Is a very high-quality combination of Essential Oils. The main ingredients are flowers like Rose,

Helichrysum, Lavender... on a Shea Butter base lotion, with Rosehip oil, Aloe Vera and natural vitamin E.

It will stimulate the regeneration of new cells and give you an uplifting, unique aroma with the

real sensation of joy and comfort. 


Invigorate (Hair Loss Treatment)

Stimulates new hair growth. Targets germs & dandruff. Very effective in hair loss due

to hormonal changes.


Joint and Muscles (Pain Relief / Anti-inflammatory)

Is a warming ointment that uses Rosemary, Birch, and Cornmint

to increase the local circulation and intensify the anti-inflammatory effect of

Oregano, Nutmeg, Clove and Black Pepper.

Lemongrass corrects and stimulates Tendons and Connective Tissue growth.






Ingredients: Bergamot, Clary sage, Jasmine, Lime, Patchouli, Petitgrain, Rosewood.

Helps to relax, inducing an inner feeling of well-being and acceptance of the circumstances. Interferes with mental patterns of fear. Improves hormonal balance. Induces intuition and self-confidence.



Ingredients: Cedarwood, Cistus, Fir tree, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Spruce.

Calms the mind. Invite to introspection. Helps to increase concentration. Improves memory. Helps to breath better. Increases motivation. This E.O. mix is Ideal for meditation.



Ingredients: Eucalyptus, Fir Tree, Hyssop, Lavender, Myrtle, Pine, Spruce.

Helps to Improve respiratory general function. It warms the respiratory tract. Helps in the elimination of phlegm. Expectorant. Stimulates the immune response. Anti-inflammatory. Helps to eliminate pathogens.



Ingredients: Citronella, Coriander, Lemon, Lime, Pine, Tea tree oil.

Detoxifying. Stimulates immune function. Inhibits bacterial growth when applied topically. Improves circulation. Urinary stimulant. Anti-parasitic. Help to stimulate the energy and elevate the mood when is used (diluted in water) to clean surfaces. Odor eliminator. Insect repellent.


COLD & FLU Formula

Ingredients: Benzoin Resin, Eucalyptus, Fir tree, Lavender, Spearmint, Thyme.

Assist the immune response. Helps to reduce head, throat and respiratory tract pain. Helps nasal obstruction and cough. Induces sleep. Helps to eliminate toxins through the urine.


FOCUS Formula

Amyris, Patchouli, Lime, Frankincense, Ylang-Ylang, Sandalwood, Chamomile Roman.

Improves cognitive ability (learning). Helps in concentration. Induces self-confidence, a sense of calm and comfort. Helps to eliminate negative thoughts. Helps to breathe better. Tonify and repairs neurological connection. Aphrodisiac. Stimulating. Improves hormonal balance in both sexes.



Ingredients: Birch, Chamomile Roman, Lavender, Rosewood, Peppermint, Petitgrain, Spearmint.

Helps to reduce tension. It effect. Calms and Induces rest. Gives a feeling of well-being. Stimulates circulation and warms topically. Antispasmodic. Digestive.have analgesic



Ingredient: Chamomile Roman, Lavender, Mandarin, Marjoram, Orange, Ylang-ylang.

Induces a state of relaxation and inner peace, inducing sleep. Calms and reduce feelings of anger. Moderator of blood pressure. Improves digestion. It has an antidepressant effect. Balances sexual desire.



Ingredients: Basil, Chamomile Roman, Ginger, Lavender, Marjoram, Peppermint, Petitgrain.

Induces a feeling of relaxation. It helps to eliminate food poisoning. Increases intestinal flow. Relieves symptoms such as nausea, indigestion, stomach spasm, dizziness. Improves respiratory processes. Tones sexual function.


SINUS Formula

Ingredients: Eucalyptus, Lavender, Spearmint, Pine, Tea tree oil, Lime, Cardamom.

Works on the respiratory tract. It helps to drain the sinuses. Help with allergies. Helps nasal obstruction. Prevents Infections. Increases the immune response. Induces states of calm and rest.


WARTS Formula

Ingredients: Clove, Lemon Myrtle, Myrtle, Oregano, Tea Tree Oil.

Very effective in the treatment of skin viruses, mollusks and bacterial infections that causes different types of warts. It controls the growth of fungi. Skin toner. Detoxifier. Helps healing wounds and cuts.